South Pigalle


Pigalle, the new heart of Paris.

Every lover of Paris, night owl, and poet know these streets of the 9th-arrondissement by heart. These are the streets that descend from the boulevard de Clichy to irradiate the night with their electric syllables: PI-GAL-LE.

Make no mistake; this is not the Pigalle of postcards, of faded colours that have been dangled nostalgically before the eyes of the world for ages. No, it is the Pigalle of today, the one now nicknamed SoPi for “South Pigalle,” and that highlights the place Saint-Georges from the rue de Douai to the rue des Martyrs.

A neighbourhood that is known to be cosmopolitan, spiritual, festive, hedonistic, and mysterious; a quartier reconquered by the Parisians in order to redefine and reanimate its uniqueness. In the rues Frochot, Victor-Massé, and Henry Monnier, the carefree spirit reigns and vivifies the original cabarets and local meeting spots, places designed for Parisian festivity and about which the world has dreamt for decades. Cocktail bars, neo-bistros, food shops, concept stores… Pigalle has re-established its place in the pantheon of Parisian mythology.